Thursday, December 15, 2011

you'll be proud of me

im 4 weeks into an 9 week program that basically helping you break an additction- in this case, to cigarettes. But what they dont know is that, internally, im not only going to stop smoking... im also going to break my addiction to all things. Because ive had enough, this year - 2011 - was a turning point in my life.

It is in this - my 32nd year here - ive finally opened my eyes and see the world; seen life; understood things...

it is in this year that i decided, i will never, ever allow myself to be in debt to anyone... or anything for that matter.

So i spend the year working my debt off, and well as stated im 5 weeks into a 9 week program about how to quit smoking...

We're all supposed to quit on the 5th meeting. Which is this Sunday, 6-730 pm.
Ive decided that my last cigarette will be at 5:55... and thats it, 16 years of smoking will come to an end. Oh, ironically, i started around the age of 16.

Anyhow, i digress... so this sunday im also using it as an opportunity to break my other  addictions. But whereas quitting to smoke can be done like pooof - cold -turkey - breaking my other addiction will take a few weeks... because from all the research and studying ive done over the years on this, i have to do it gradual- they say somettimes slowly - but i want to start 2012 clean-- debt free-- both in terms of money and in terms of health... i think when you abuse your body then on some level you also owe a debt, in this case a debt to your health.... and i decided i dont want to owe any debts to anybody.

I HAVE 3 WEEKS TO GET MY ACT CLEAN - because i have faith, i believe, i want to achieve my goals, to see my dreams become a reality.

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